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Iconic in the hobby for their striking coloration and intricate crystal-like patterns. Originating from the species Caridina cantonensis, they are renowned for their clear white and red/black hues. These shrimp have a rich history dating back to their discovery in the wilds of Southeast Asia, where their natural beauty first captivated aquarists

Crystal Red Shrimp (CRS) – Known for their clear white and red coloration, often with distinct patterns resembling crystals.

Crystal Black Shrimp (CBS) – Similar to CRS but with black and white coloration.

Pure Red Line (PRL) – Purest genetics of CRS, offspring will not include Snow White or Taiwan Bee variants.

Pure Black Line (PBL) – Purest genetics of CBS, offspring will not include Snow White or Taiwan Bee variants.

Bolts, Steeles, and Snow White 

Grading Guide – Essential for understanding the quality and value of these shrimp.

Caridina sp.

Bee Variants

Treasured by hobbyists for their distinctive patterns and vibrant colors. From the time-honored Red and Black Super Crystals to the rare and exquisite Snow White, these shrimp represent the pinnacle of selective breeding and aquatic beauty.

Red and Black Super Crystals – Prized for their intense red and black coloration, often with a high degree of contrast and clarity in their patterns

Red and Black Bee – Classic bee-like patterns with alternating red and black stripes or spots

Red and Black Pinto – Characterized by patches and dots of red and black on a white body

Red and Black “Shadow Bee” – Similar to Red and Black Bee shrimp but with a darker and more subdued coloration, giving them a shadowy appearance that adds intrigue to their patterns

Grading Guide – Essential for understanding the quality and value of these shrimp.

Taiwan Bee Basics

Galaxy Types / Fancy Tigers

Discover the fascinating world of Galaxy Types and Fancy Tigers, celebrated for their distinct patterns and striking colors. These shrimp varieties, known for their unique star-like speckles and bold stripes, are highly sought after by breeders and hobbyists alike.

Fishbone, Galaxy/Snowflake – Known for its “fishbone” pattern with blue or black coloration and white speckles.

Red Fancy Tiger – Exhibits bright red and white stripes with varied patterns

Black Fancy Tiger – Showcases deep black and white stripes with strong contrast.

Red and Black Nanashi/Nanancy – Adorned with intricate pinto and tiger-like patterns.

Boas – Notable for their complex, multi-colored patterns and high contrast markings.

Grading Guide – Essential for understanding the quality and value of these shrimp.

Caridina mariae

Tiger Variants

Originating from wild populations found in Asia’s freshwater rivers and streams. Their adaptability and diverse color variations have led to extensive breeding efforts, producing the vibrant array of Tiger variants enjoyed by aquarists today. These shrimp not only add aesthetic diversity to aquariums but also reflect the dedication of breeders in enhancing their distinctive traits.

Full Color
– Tiger shrimp with solid, intense coloration throughout their body, often exhibiting shades of orange, blue, or red, creating a striking and uniform appearance.

Striped / Spotted – These Tiger shrimp display distinct stripes or spots along their bodies, adding a dynamic visual element to their appearance. Stripes can vary from thick bands to fine lines, while spots may be scattered irregularly or arranged in patterns.

Caridina Innovation

Explore the cutting-edge world of Caridina Innovation, where breeders push the boundaries of shrimp genetics to create stunning and unique varieties.

Orange Eyed – These shrimp feature distinctive orange eyes, which contrast dramatically against their body color.

Lava Tigers – A breakthrough in breeding, Lava Tigers display both dominant colors of red and black. This rare combination is a testament to advanced selective breeding techniques, marking a significant achievement in the shrimp-keeping hobby.

Crossbreeding Innovations – Breeders experiment with hybridization to create new and unexpected shrimp varieties. These innovations often result in shrimp with novel color patterns, behaviors, or traits.

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