HWA Shrimp


Yang Zhenhua 楊振華, also known as HWA Shrimp



Number of Shrimp Tanks

54 tanks of 60x45x45 cm dimensions

Year Established


Summary of Major Milestones

Yang Zhenhua 楊振華, also known as HWA Shrimp, is a renowned shrimp breeder from Taiwan. Hwa Shrimp is one of the founding fathers of the shrimp community in Taiwan. With a profound passion for aquatic life that began in his childhood, Hwa has dedicated his life to innovative shrimp breeding techniques and the creation of unique shrimp varieties.

Beginnings and Innovations

Hwa’s passion for aquatic life began in elementary school, with his early experiences in keeping goldfish and bettas. Over the years, he expanded his interests to include Tanganyika cichlids, marine fish, and corals. In 2001, he played a pivotal role in introducing and sharing South American aquatic plants into Taiwan. His journey eventually led him to specialize in Crystal Shrimp, a passion that continues to this day at the age of 52.

Hwa’s journey into shrimp breeding started in 2002. Over the years, he has established 54 tanks, each measuring 60x45x45 cm, to house his diverse collection of shrimp. Although this is a comparatively small setup in relation to other breeders, Hwa’s focus has always been on innovation and not profiting from mass breeding.
His innovative spirit is evident in his development of the “Cannon Tube” breeding method in 2012. This method adapted drinking water filters into the aquarium. The goal was to create a shrimp safe, yet highly efficient filter for keeping caridinas. Later, he continued experimenting and was one of the pioneers to use the thin buffering soil technique.

Milestones in Breeding Career

In 2008, he began working on the Fancy Tiger shrimp, which he successfully presented to the public in 2014, initially called the “Rampage Variant”. These original “Rampage” Shrimp are very similar to the Fancy Tigers we know today. The main difference is in the coloration and the thickness of the tiger stripes. The original Rampage Black had a reddish black tint to it. The tiger stripes are also thicker than today’s Fancy Tigers. This particular lineage of “Rampage” shrimp was selectively bred through a single line, without genetic diversification, therefore the offspring were delicate. Because of this, other breeders later introduced genes from various gene pools to evolve, but dilute the “Rampage” lineage to create the Fancy Tiger we know today. The rampage lineage was eventually used in experimentations to develop the renowned Lava Tiger. It’s a shame that no descendants of the original “Rampage” lineage are known to be in existence today.

In 2017, driven by the ambitious goal of achieving dual dominant colors in one shrimp, Hwa started refining his Red and Black Fancy Tiger shrimp. This challenging project culminated in the creation of the Lava Tiger shrimp in 2023, a testament to his innovative breeding techniques.

“Typically, it’s considered impossible for shrimp to display both main colors simultaneously due to genetic inheritance principles. However, I aimed to achieve the coexistence and simultaneous display of these two colors.

This ambitious goal was difficult to realize, but I was determined. I began improving my own red and black Fancy Tiger shrimp, utilizing my extensive experience with selective breeding. Through carefully planned pairings and breeding techniques, I embarked on a six-year journey of development.

By 2023, my efforts culminated in the creation of the Lava Tiger shrimp, a groundbreaking achievement in the shrimp breeding world. This successful realization of what was once deemed impossible was both published and showcased in various competitions.” – Hwa Shrimps

In 2019, Hwa set out to modify the common Galaxy Tiger shrimp. Instead of large the large patches of white that the Galaxy Tiger is known for, the Galaxy Snowfall has small detailed specks throughout the entire body. Because white dots tend to aggregate to form uneven patches and splotches, this particular detail has taken years to refine. After four years of meticulous work, he introduced the Snowfall shrimp in 2022, a series that includes eight distinct variations:

  • 初雪/黑-老虎
    Black Snowfall Tiger
  • 初雪/紅-老虎
    Red Snowfall Tiger
  • 終極初雪/紅-斑馬
    Red Ultimate Snowfall Zebra
  • 終極初雪/黑-斑馬
    Black Ultimate Snowfall Zebra
  • 終極初雪/紅-全紅色
    Full Red Ultimate Snowfall
  • 終極初雪/黑-全黑色
    Full Black Ultimate Snowfall
  • 融雪/紅系
    Red Melting Snowfall
  • 融雪/黑系
    Black Melting Snowfall

Achievements and Recognition

Hwa began competing in 2023. His efforts were rewarded immediately.

In 2023 when he won 2nd place in the Innovation category at The German International Shrimp Contest – Dortmund, with his Lava Tiger shrimp.

In 2024, his Lava Tiger shrimp won both 1st and 3rd place in the Innovation category at the North American International Shrimp Contest (NAISC).

Additionally, his Snowfall shrimp secured 2nd place at NAISC the same year.

Contributions to the Shrimp Breeding Community

In 2002, Hwa was instrumental in introducing the first Japanese Crystal Red Shrimp to Taiwan. We all know what that resulted in… During a time when social media platforms like Facebook were non-existent, he actively shared his knowledge and breeding techniques on aquarium websites, fostering the world renowned shrimp breeding community in Taiwan.

Hwa has contributed to several aquarium books, providing valuable insights into Caridina breeding. His willingness to share his expertise has helped many hobbyists and breeders alike to improve their practices and achieve better results.


Variant Specialties

Fancy Tigers

Hwa has his name etched into the history of dwarf shrimp for his creation of the Fancy Tiger shrimp. The Fancy Tiger was developed over six years by crossbreeding Crystal Shrimp with native Tiger Shrimp.

Galaxy Snowfall

In 2022, he introduced the Galaxy Snowfall shrimp, also known as the Galaxy Sandstorm.

Lava Tiger

He then introduced the Lava Tiger shrimp in 2023. This is one of the biggest breakthroughs in Caridina breeding over the last few years. Never before has a shrimp displayed both dominant red and black colors on its body. Hwa, through 6 years of selective breeding, managed to refine this gene and reproduce colonies of Lava Tigers.

Current Projects and Future Goals

Hwa’s focus remains on innovation. He is currently working on further evolving the Snowfall and Lava Tiger shrimp, aiming to create even more unique and resilient varieties. His dedication to pushing the boundaries of shrimp breeding is evident in his ongoing projects and the meticulous care he puts into each new development.

Participation in Exhibitions and Judging

Hwa’s expertise is recognized not only through his breeding achievements but also his role as a judge in shrimp competitions. He served as a judge at Taiwan’s first Crystal Shrimp competition in 2006 and again at the Taiwan Crystal Shrimp International Invitational in 2014.


Advice for New Breeders

“Over the past 20 years, the development of Crystal Shrimp has been remarkable. My experience spans from the initial stages to its current evolution. The enduring popularity of these shrimp is largely due to the ability to create new strains. However, a troubling trend has emerged where most people focus on breeding them solely for profit, neglecting the creative aspect of developing new strains. This short-sighted approach limits the potential for innovation. I encourage you to unleash your imagination and dedicate time to creating new and unique strains.” – Hwa Shrimps

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