North American International Shrimp Competition (NAISC) 2024

“This is the highest quality shrimp I’ve seen in my time as a judge. It’s hard to understand why I’m saying that this shrimp is so good if you’re not here with me. Carbon here, I’m here in person, and I’m going to show you why this is one of the highest quality competitions I’ve ever judged. ” – Carbon Chen (NAISC Judge)

Thanks to Carbon Chen for his tireless efforts in recording and documenting the winners of the 2024 North American International Shrimp Competition. His valuable insights and expertise as a judge are deeply appreciated. Additionally, we thank him for allowing us to use his video and assisting with translations.

Category 3 – Caridina sp. Red and Black super crystals

1st place: Peiwen Super Crystal Black

2nd place: Peiwen Super Crystal Black

3rd place: Grant Eder Super Crystal Red


Category 4: Caridina sp Red and Black bee, all grades

1st place: Peiwen PRL No-entry

2nd place: Peiwen PRL

3rd place: PRL No-entry

Category 5: Tiger variants, full color and striped/spotted

1st place: Jerry Asper Orange eye tiger

2nd place: Jerry Asper Orange eye royal blue tiger

3rd place: Jacob Waters OE Royal Blue Tiger

Category 6: Caridina sp. Red and Black Pinto spotted head/multistripe,

1st place: Peiwen Black Pinto

2nd place: Peiwen Red Pinto

3rd place: Grant Eder Black Pinto

Category 7: Caridina sp. Red and Black “Shadow Bee”, Classic colors, and bee influenced signs (Full, lined, saddled, banded, Mosura, Hinomaru

1st place: Nick Teeter Extreme Red King Kong
2nd place: SMN Light Blue Shadow Mosura

3rd place: Nick Teeter Extreme Red King Kong

Category 8: Caridina sp. Bolts, Steeles, and Snow White variants

1st place:  TB Shrimp Orange Bolts

2nd place: Peiwen Ocean Blue

3rd place: Lee Chien-Yuan Extreme Blue Bolts

Category 9: Caridina sp. Fishbone, Galaxy/Snowflake variants

1st place:  TB Shrimp Red Galaxy Fishbone Snowflakes
2nd place: Hwa Galaxy Sandstorm/Snowfall

3rd place: Sky fish Red Galaxy Snowflake

Category 10: Caridina sp Orange Eyed, non-tiger, all colors

1st place: Peiwen Orange Eye Blue Devil
2nd place: SMN Orange eye red devil

3rd place: Grant Eder Orange Eye Blue Steels

Category 11: Caridina sp Red and Black Fancy Tiger

1st place: Ryan Nguyen Black Fancy tiger

2nd place: TB Shrimp Red Fancy Tiger

3rd place: Yi Wen Red Fancy Tigers

Category 12: Caridina sp Red and Black Nanashi/Nanancy all variants

1st place: Chue Lee – Purple Metallic Tiger

3rd place: Peiwen Blue metallic tiger

Category 13: Caridina sp Boa, all colors

1st place Ryan Nguyen Blue Metallic Boa
2nd place: Skyfish Golden Blue Metallic Boa

3rd place: TB Shrimp Orange Metallic Boa

Category 14: Caridina crossbreeding focus on Innovation

3rd place: Hwa Lava Tigers

2nd place: TB Shrimp

1st place: Hwa Lava Tigers

Grand Champion: Ryan Nguyen Black Fancy Tigers

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