Caridina sp. Snowfall Shrimp

Yang Zhenhua, better known as Hwa Shrimp, has been a pioneering force in the world of Caridina shrimp breeding since 2002. From introducing the first Japanese Crystal Red Shrimp to Taiwan to developing the groundbreaking Lava Tiger, Hwa’s innovative spirit has continually pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in shrimp genetics. His work has not only expanded the palette of colors and patterns available to hobbyists but has also advanced our understanding of shrimp breeding techniques.

In 2022, Hwa unveiled his latest masterpiece: the Snowfall shrimp, also known as the Sandstorm variant. This exquisite creation represents the culmination of years of meticulous breeding and selection, aimed at refining and elevating the concept of the Galaxy Snowflake shrimp. The Snowfall variant is a testament to Hwa’s patience, expertise, and vision in creating truly unique shrimp varieties.

What sets the Snowfall shrimp apart is its mesmerizing pattern of fine, detailed specks that cover the entire body – a stark contrast to the large white patches typical of Galaxy Snowflakes. This delicate, snow-like dusting is not just a cosmetic achievement; it represents a significant breeding challenge overcome through years of careful selection. With eight distinct variations, including both red and black base colors, the Snowfall shrimp offers a level of intricacy and beauty rarely seen in the shrimp-keeping world.


Variant Name: Snowfall (aka Sandstorm)

Breeder: Hwa Shrimp (Yang Zhenhua 楊振華)

First Appearance: 2022

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Like many of Caridina innovations, the Snowfall shrimp originates from Taiwan, a country that has become synonymous with advanced shrimp breeding techniques and groundbreaking new varieties. Taiwan’s rich history in aquaculture and Hwa’s contributions have played a crucial role in the development of this exceptional shrimp variant.

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Physical Characteristics

The Snowfall shrimp is characterized by its distinctive pattern of fine, white specks covering the entire body, resembling a delicate dusting of snow. This unique pattern sets it apart from other Caridina variants, offering a level of intricacy rarely seen in the shrimp-keeping hobby. The base color of the shrimp can be either red or black, providing a striking contrast to the white speckling.

Breakdown of variations:

Ultimate Snowfall (G0 grade):

The pinnacle of the Snowfall line, the Ultimate Snowfall features an exceptionally fine and uniform distribution of white specks across a thickly opaque red or black body and head. The legs are also adorned with the characteristic spotted pattern, creating a cohesive and visually stunning appearance. This grade represents the highest level of refinement in the Snowfall breeding line.

Zebra Snowfall:

Building on the Ultimate Snowfall’s fine speckling, the Zebra Snowfall incorporates distinctive stripes along the back, reminiscent of a zebra’s pattern. This unique combination of fine snow-like dots and bold stripes creates a captivating contrast and adds another dimension to the shrimp’s appearance.

Tiger Snowfall:

The Tiger Snowfall takes the Zebra variant a step further by featuring additional stripes near the abdomen. This variation showcases a harmonious blend of three distinct patterns: the fine Snowfall speckling, zebra-like back stripes, and tiger stripes on the abdomen.

Melting Snowfall:

The Melting Snowfall variant bears a resemblance to a dark ruby red Crystal Red Shrimp (CRS) in its overall pattern. However, it distinguishes itself with the signature fine Snowfall dots along the body, face, and legs. This variation offers a unique fusion of traditional CRS aesthetics with the innovative Snowfall pattern.

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Comparison with the Galaxy Snowflake variant

While both the Snowfall and Galaxy Snowflake variants feature white markings on their bodies, there are significant differences:

  1. Pattern detail: The Snowfall shrimp boasts much finer, more detailed speckling compared to the larger white blotches found on Galaxy Snowflakes.
  2. Coverage: Snowfall shrimp exhibit a more uniform distribution of white specks across the entire body, whereas Galaxy Snowflakes tend to have more concentrated areas of white markings.
  3. Variations: The Snowfall line includes several distinct variations (Ultimate, Zebra, Tiger, Melting), each with its own unique combination of patterns, offering a wider range of aesthetic options compared to the Galaxy Snowflake.

Rarity and Exclusivity

The Snowfall shrimp, introduced by Hwa in 2022, remains one of the most exclusive Caridina variants in the hobby. Due to the complexity of breeding and maintaining the fine speckling pattern, the G0 Snowfall shrimp are not widely available. Currently, only a handful of specialized breeders worldwide have successfully cultivated Snowfall colonies, making them a rare find in the aquarium trade. Their limited distribution adds to their allure among serious collectors and shrimp enthusiasts.

Market value

The exceptional rarity and breeding difficulty of Snowfall shrimp are reflected in their market value. Top competition grade specimens of the Snowfall variant command prices exceeding $1,000 per shrimp. This high valuation is a testament to the shrimp’s unique characteristics, the skill required to breed them, and their limited availability. Lower grades, culls and younger specimens may be available at more modest prices ($100+), but still represent a significant investment compared to more common Caridina varieties.

Collector’s appeal

The Snowfall shrimp holds immense appeal for collectors for several reasons:

1. Unique aesthetics:

The fine, snow-like speckling pattern is unparalleled in its detail and uniformity, offering a visual spectacle unlike any other shrimp variety.

2. Breeding achievement:

Owning Snowfall shrimp represents possessing a piece of shrimp breeding history, showcasing Hwa’s innovative techniques and years of selective breeding.

3. Variety within the line:

With multiple variations including Ultimate, Zebra, Tiger, and Melting Snowfalls, collectors have the opportunity to acquire a diverse set of related but distinct shrimp.

4. Exclusivity:

The limited availability and high cost create an air of exclusivity, making Snowfall shrimp a status symbol among dedicated shrimp keepers.

5. Potential for breeding projects:

For those with the skill and patience, Snowfall shrimp offer exciting possibilities for further selective breeding and pattern refinement.

6. Investment value:

Given their rarity and the growing interest in unique shrimp varieties, Snowfall shrimp is seen as a valuable investment within the hobby.


The combination of their striking appearance, breeding difficulty, limited availability, and high market value makes Snowfall shrimp highly prized among collectors. They represent not just a beautiful addition to a tank, but a piece of shrimp breeding artistry and innovation.

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